Monday, April 15, 2013

La Vida Buena

Just another day in paradise here...haha. Provo's weather is, as usual, sunny one day and snowing the next.  It always snows or rains on our P-day so we have yet to really enjoy the sunshine!  S'all good.  That just explains why I probably look like a pale vampire in all of my pictures! ;)
So this week we haven't taught a whole lot.  Our teacher, Hermano Wells (who is Fabian, our investigatior) just became a dad so we only had one appointment with Fabian this week.  Hermana Weller and I went into it thinking we would teach him more commandments before his baptism.  When we met up with him, he expressed his concerns that he would not be able to be able to live up to the covenants that he makes and that he was unsure how to obtain salvation.  We really listened to him and followed the Spirit to know what to say.  Hermana Weller whipped out this awesome testimony and told him that we love him and how we know that folllowing Christ will make him truly happy.  I had brought a Plan of Salvation pamphlet in Espanol that I had been reading and felt prompted to share something that I had read before.  In the back of the pamphlet was a list of definitions of words and I had him read aloud about grace.  He just stared at it for like 10 seconds before he read it to us and the Spirit was so strong.  I explained to him in broken Spanish that because of Christ's Atonement, he could be cleansed AND be blessed with divine help to improve a little each day.  I told him that I am not perfect, but this doctrine helps me every single day in my life, especially as a missionary.  The whole lesson went really well.  Later on, Hermano Wells gave us feedback and he said he was blown away by us and how well we listen to Fabian.  He also was amazed that I had chosen to teach Fabian about grace because "Fabian" is an actual convert that Hermano Wells had on his mission in Chile.  The real Fabian had been going through the same issues before his baptism and Hermano Wells and his companion had taught Fabian grace, which led him to commit to baptism.  I know that I was guided by the Spirit to say that and I knew what to say because I had studied it beforehand. That really showed me how important it is to constantly be studying, and more importantly, it showed me how AWESOME it is when the Spirit works through you to help you say exactly what that person needs to hear.  I LOVE it.
Also, we had a few great devotionals this week.  We heard from Gerald N. Lund, who wrote the Work and the Glory series.  He taught us a lot about personal revelation, and how we can determine if something that comes in our head is a thought or a prompting.  He said that if it is good and causes you to do good, it is of God (like it says in Moroni 7).  This was the night after the Fabian appointment and that really confirmed to me that the Spirit is the real teacher here, not me.  I'm just the instrument-- but I get to experience seeing others come unto Christ, which is the best feeling in the world, even if it's not a real investigator :)
We also heard from Greg Droubay, the Director of Media for the Missionary Department at last night's devotional.  He showed us how the Lord is hastening his work and gave us a lot of cool examples.  He showed us the "I'm a Mormon" campaign that just started last week in London with advertisements all over the tube stations, double decker buses, and billboards.  The "Book of Mormon" musical is playing there, so it has actually sparked a lot of interest in our church.  He also showed us the "Christmas is ___" campaign the church did in NYC last Christmas with HUGE billboards all over Times Square and all over the city. He has the coolest job EVER!  The work really is hastening :) D&C 88:73
Also, two Hermanas in my district got their visas this week and are now in Peru! For a while, because there was an odd number of Hermanas, so Hermana Norton was added to my and Hermana Weller's companionship for a trio until Hermana Price left this morning.  So there's hope the rest of us will make it there! It could come at any time!
The week I got here they changed the email rules so now we have an hour to email! Super awesome.  And if anyone wants to write me, I get Dear Elders the day you send them and it's free :) hint hint :)
Hermana Bledsoe
You know you're a missionary when...
- Seeing knees makes you uncomfortable. Como, GIRL (I mean, Sister), cover those UP!
- You find yourself listening to the Brandon Flowers "I'm a Mormon video on repeat during TALL (computer) time because it's the only non-hymn music you've heard in weeks. ("Crossfire" is a SWEET song, btw)
- You have calluses on your knees from praying... I don't yet, but my American roommates learning Korean do. They've been here for almost 7 weeks. Bless their hearts.
- You start to call the attractive people around you "blessed." (i.e. Elder McPherson: "Ella es bendita!")
- "Ye Elders of Israel" is your JAM. And I'm not even an Elder!

Elders "swag sitting".... they're great.
Hermanas "swag sitting" in class :)
Bye bye Hermana Price :'(
Okay this is hilarious.  The pamphlets in different languages have the SAME exact pictures but with different races. This is our favorite picture to compare.
The trio with a cool vacuum #nerds
 Don't do drugs!
Hangin' en la clase

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