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(You have to watch the Mormon Message about Irene the radio host to really appreciate that haha)

Lo siento for not writing on Monday, our schedule was changed last Saturday and our Monday P-day was switched to Wednesday.  It's a cool day to have it because we really get to see the newbies get dropped off and stuff.  Our new schedule isn't the best, we have gym at 6 am many days of the week when the rest of the MTC has to wake up at 6:30 (every minute counts when you're a missionary!). We also eat at the very end of meal times now, super late.  Okay, I'm done complaining.  We are learning patience in our district with having an extra 2 days before P-day and now we appreciate it that much more!  I'm so glad to finally get to GTL today! (Gym, Temple, Laundry ;))

So this is our last week!  Well, hopefully... most of us in my district still are visa-less and we have been submitted for temporary reassignment in Los Estados Unidos!  We find out tomorrow (Thursday) night!  I'll keep you posted!  Apparently there are so many missionaries in our same situation that there is a 1/4 chance we will actually get a reassignment.  So there is a real chance I could be here another week.  It's okay though.  I really like it here.  I just hope my hermanas don't leave me!  Hermana Simonson got her visa yesterday, while Hermana Norton, Hermana Weller and I are still waiting and still have our four Elders here also. 

We are now the oldest district and all in leadership positions.  It's crazy how fast time flies here.  A week ago, we got a new district and they are great!  I love my new hermanas! They are so sweet and are great missionaries. I am really enjoying being Sister Training Leader, and I am learning so much from all the hermanas in my zone.  Two hermanas in the second oldest district have been switching off being sick this past week, bless their HEARTS.  On Saturday, I was with that companionship when one of them got extremely sick.  It became an emergency situation and thankfully some elders were nearby and were able to stop and immediately give her a blessing.  The Spirit was so strong there in the random walkway where we were, and I was overcome with how much God loves that sister.  Everything in that situation worked out so that she could make it to the hospital as quickly as possible.  I know the Lord looks after His missionaries.  He knows what he is doing.  I am also so grateful to be somewhere where worthy priesthood holders are everywhere and are ready to help others at a moment's notice.  I needed that reminder of the power of the priesthood of God and how important it is in Christ's church.  The world needs missionaries, with the proper authority from God, ready to serve wherever He calls them. 

It's also starting to hit me that pretty soon I will be out in the world as a missionary.  The furthest I've been from the MTC so far on my mission is the Provo Temple across the street.  Pretty soon I will be actually doing what I've been taught to do here and out as a represenative of Jesus Christ-- and I'll need to do it all in Spanish!  I'm actually feeling okay about the language right now.  This weekend I was doing pretty well with it in lessons and things and I felt like I could say pretty much anything I needed to.  I decided I needed to sit down with my teacher Hermano Wells (who is seriously one of the best Spanish/Gospel/anything teachers I've ever had) and ask for correction.  I felt like Henry B. Eyring asking for more mountains to climb.  I didn't want to have a huge pride cycle with my Spanish.  It felt like I was skiiing straight down a hill with no brakes.. it was cool, but I felt like I could crash at any moment and wipe out.  Kinda dramatic example, but you get the picture...  Anyways, he that asketh shall receive, and I was relieved to hear from him that the majority of my mistakes in Spanish are linked to the subjuctive, a hard concept that is always taught in the last week (therefore, we hadn't learned it yet).  He said if I can learn that concept, my Spanish would be great.  I decided to make it a goal to learn that and use it as much as I can as I'm finishing here.  I've learned already how important it is to set attainable goals and reach them.  Goals are so important in life and when you're able to reach them, you gain the confidence to make and reach more.  It is such a simple concept, but it's never too late to learn!

I also met some missionaries here from Mexico... they are going to Spanish-speaking missions, but learned English while they've been here and they're really good!  I bore my testimony to them in Spanish and they said my Spanish was perfect... but they were just really nice, haha.  It's scary/cool to get to talk to people who actually speak Spanish as their first language!

Hmmm what else is new?  Well now that the weather is nice, the fields by the temple are open now and we have had opportunities to play sand volleyball, kickball, and go running in the SUNSHINE!  I love it!  I can't wait to be in Peru where is is warm all the time!  We celebrated our month of being here last week and Hna. Weller and I wore our outfits that we wore on the first day that happened to be matching.  I also got to meet President Nally and Sister Nally (President of the Provo MTC and his wife) twice this week and shake their hand.  Well, Sister Nally gave me a hug.  We had some good devotionals here about Eternal Families/Family History and on Sunday in Relief Society Sister Oscarson, the new General YW President spoke to us!  She is the coolest.  She said when she was called by the First Presidency, she felt really inadequate and expressed her feelings about it and President Monson said, "Well of course not, we just called you!"  It's the same for us in the MTC... we're still new at this and aren't perfect at everything yet.  We've just recently been called and set apart, and God will help us to do the things that He has asked.  

I'm happy and doing well.  Keep me posted about things in real life... I heard the latest thing out there is spray-on lotion (not suncreen, but REAL lotion) jajajajaja (I love laughing in Spanish!).  My companion and I are always laughing and goofy together.  People probably overhear us and think we're actually that dumb, but it's okay.  We have lots of fun together but also are a pretty dynamite teaching duo if I say so myself... I'm not excited to say goodbye!  I can't believe this MTC experience is wrapping up! 

(P.S. Mom, I got the quilt! Thanks!)

Nos vemos!

Hermana Bledsoe

Funny moment: On our Sunday temple walk, the elders were all talking about what sisters they think are cute and want to date after the mish... meanwhile, us sisters were going crazy over all the babies and little kids in families that we saw there!  We are WAY different!
 How cute are we in our matching outfits?!
 Matching companions again...
 New hermanas! Love them!!
(hard to read: it says, "Please, Use the Lord's resources wisely! By leaving on the lights, you invite Satan to waste electricity! Thanks, Building Care) 
 Pretty flowers in the courtyard!
Elder Adams and Elder Frehner being cray
 We had some fun with my fisheye setting...

Pretty spring tulips!
Whooooops I got fat at the MTC! Hahaha

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