Tuesday, August 13, 2013


...And the miracles keep coming!  So last Sunday night we had a Family Home Evening with a less-active family.  The dad, Edgar, is the only member and just recently started coming to church with his young family-- Edgar and Jessica (who is only 19, mi niña!!) aren´t married but have two young children.  We went for it and taught them the Law of Chastity (dun dun duuuuunnnn) and how they will receive blessings if they get married and keep this commandment.  We also taught them about the temple and how families can be forever through covenants there. 
We were suprised at their reaction... usually when we teach this kind of a lesson, the couple has a million excuses of why they can´t get married and how their wedding needs to be spectacular and their entire family from Timbuktu needs to be there and everything.  In Perú, it´s easier to make excuses because it´s super hard to get married here, each person has to find original documents from the province where they were born and present them to the government and it´s quite the process.  It´s also pretty costly.  

However, all this week Edgar and Jessica have been working super hard to get everything in order and have plans to get married the 24th of August!!  Not only are Hermana Pardo and I preaching the Gospel here, but we´re also doing some wedding planning! :)  We and the ward have been helping Edgar and Jessica organize everything and right now it´s looking like we will have a wedding and a baptism (Jessica´s) in the same day!  A week after that lesson, we have almost everything planned for the 24th!
I am so happy with the desires that these parents have to follow the Savior and I know that this will impact not only them, but their family as a whole forever.  It´s really exciting to be a part of!

We also were finally able to set a baptismal date this week for an investigator, Carlos, who is, well... "duro." Haha.  President Ardila will come and baptize him on the 23rd!  It´s crazy because he´s been taught by several hermanas up until now, but Hermana Pardo told me that before I came, Carlos told her that he dreamt that her next companion would be a tall gringa with blonde hair... she thought he was joking around until the day of transfers when we met! Haha.  Way cool though.  These people are literally descendants of Lehi and a lot of things come to them in dreams.  Cool/random story!

So things are going well here in Lima!  I got some letters today and I´m so grateful!  Thank you!  It´s always great to hear from mis amigos!  I hope all is well in the US of A and that you´re enjoying reading about some of my experiences!


HB ;)

 Hermana Pardo and I with our pensionista´s son Eliseo (7 years old).  Missionaries!
We have a cerro in our area, you can see all of Lima from the top!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences; they're precious! - Sis Fox