Monday, July 15, 2013

Poquito consejo...


So this week was really great! Wednesday was Hermana Aguayo´s birthday (23rd!) and so many different people made her cakes and stuff.  We ate so much freaking food that day, holy schniekies!  

Other than that, this week was normal. Still working with some people and trying to help them overcome some challenges that are keeping them from being baptized, but we are definitely making progress!  We have a baptism this Saturday for our golden investigator, Gisella that I´m pretty stoked about.

Yesterday in sacrament meeting, our bishop kinda grilled the ward about responsibilities in the church. It was kinda funny, but he talked a lot about sacrifice and how if we don´t make sacrifices in our lives, we won´t have the blessings God has for us.  I´ve been thinking about that ever since and how important it is to sacrifice things that we have or things we want for the Lord´s will.  For me, it is a huge sacrifice to serve a mission.  Every missionary can relate.  We are asked for literally EVERYTHING in order to do God´s work.  It´s hard sometimes, but the blessings are amazing.  I am so glad I chose to sacrifice my time to serve the Lord with everything I have.  I feel so blessed to have this gospel and it is such a joy to share it with others.  It sure isn´t easy, but it´s worth it. 

For any prospective or future missionaries:  I can´t lie and say the mission is all wonderful all the time. Missionaries are still people!  We´re not perfect and the people you serve aren´t either. But it´s okay!! :)  My companion Hermana Aguayo once shared with me a scripture in Alma 26:30 that, from what I remember in English, says basically that we suffer pains and afflictions in life (or in the mission) so that we can help someone else find joy, and in the process we find joy too. This is probably the best advice I´ve received about the mission and I hope it helps anyone reading this: When things get hard, think of the people waiting to hear the Gospel from YOU. Think of them when you´re tired or want to give up.  They are waiting to hear it from YOU and you will find great joy in bringing them that eternal happiness. Read Alma 26! :)

Sacrifice really does bring forth the blessings of heaven, in fact, it brings miracles! All we are asked to do is show our faith in Jesus Christ. I know that through Him we can do all things! :)

Okay, I´m done preaching :) I love yáll!


Hermana Bledsoe

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