Monday, September 16, 2013

Fe en cada paso.

So I sent some pics from last Monday when we went to La Punta in Callao for P-Day! It was way fun/exhausting.  I love my zone!

Tuesday was CAMBIOS! And Hermana Pardo got switched out of the area and I am... TRAINING!! And freaking out... Haha.  It´s such a huge responsibility being senior companion and a trainer, and I´m learning a lot.

My new companion is Hermana Sassetti from Santa Fe, Argentina. She has a strong Argentinian accent so sometimes I can´t understand her, but she is really focused and has a lot of enthusiasm!  She turned 20 this week so Hermana Lupita made her a huge chocolate cake and we had to scarf peices of it down really quickly between appointments... she learned as I did that birthdays in the mission are quite different!  We are still scaling our cerro every day and Hermana Sassetti is getting used to that and all of the changes in culture coming from Argentina.

Elisama still hasn´t talked to her mom about getting permission, but we have asked our bishop if he would visit their family because the mom is only there at night past 9 and we can´t be out late.  Hopefully we can all come together and make this baptism happen this week!  We did, however, go with her and her cousin, Jhordy, to visit the temple and she LOVED it! It was a really sweet experience and motivated her more to get the courage to talk to her mom about joining the church... so we´ll see what happens this week!

I´m learning more and more how much missionaries are needed- to teach the gospel, visit less actives, and help build up the church wherever we are serving.  People really appreciate when we visit them and I´m grateful for the opportunity that I have every day to help fulfill a need of someone who is going through a hard time or needs more of the Spirit in their life. Just enjoying every second!

Hasta Luego!
Hermana Bledsoe :)

Only some of the stairs we scale every legs are hard as rocks after 6 weeks! Haha.
 typical plaque pic
 Atop of the cerro again
  my comp and a menos activo!
 We found a ton of plátanos (bananas) and had to take a pic!  Such a gringo thing to do :)
 Playing in a boat.
 La Punta!
 Some of our zone who all went to La Punta!
 Da beach! So pretty and peaceful.
 Everyone smushed in a bus on the way home!
 Mi Lima en la nochecita :)

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