Monday, September 23, 2013

Ser Mormón es ser feliz!

Wow, first of all congrats to Sadie for making it into the choir for the General Relief Society Broadcast! I will definitely be looking for you from here in Perú!  Glad to hear from you guys at home too and that things are going well there!

So this week has been just a whirlwind of WORK!  We are just rushing to appointments all the time and receiving a lot of references... the trick is helping them to actually progress! Haha.  The people of my cerro are so humble and awesome and totally worth hiking a ton to visit.  A lot people believe our message and want to be baptized, but a lot of what is holding people back is keeping the commandments.  One of the things is that almost every couple lives together without being married, and we have yet to get another couple to show their faith and make that step like Yessica and Edgar.  But we have faith and are hoping to see this testimony and belief reflected in their actions.

Speaking of Yessica and Edgar, we are now teaching Yessica´s older sister (who is 21 years old) Viki, who is amazing! She told us that she has seen such a great change in her sister and her brother-in-law and wants to change as well.  In our first lesson, we shared a beautiful moment with her as we asked her to be baptized and she responded in tears, "SI."  I felt prompted to set a date during all of the hugs and tears and she has agreed to set the goal of October 12!  I am so happy for her and also really happy to see that the Gospel really has changed the lives of Edgar and Yessica for the better.

I have really felt with this calling and more responsibilty of being a senior companion and trainer the hand of the Lord in all that I do and am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow as a missionary and as a person.  I´m a lot more bold and have learned to follow the Spirit more than ever... it´s hard to describe everything rapidly in the limited time I have, but I´m definitely counting my blessings! :)

Love yall! Cuidense muuucho!
Hermana Bledsoe

With the Fernandez-Baca family gettin´ready for the wedding!
 The Sisters of Zone San Luis (It´s weird to write that in English!)

 Juanes!  It´s weird but good! It´s rice with some chicken wrapped in like a palm tree leaf thingy...haha

 We went to a baptism that our district leader had... all of us with their convert, Kenny.

Everyone gathered around to eat Juanes in P-day (a typical dish from the provinces)!

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