Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fotos este semana

Because Im calling home today I think I will just send pictures from this week because there are TONS! 

So for the Christmas multizone conference on Thursday we first went to the stake center in La Molina (next to the MTC) and each zone, the office, and the Ardila Family did a skit or a performance of some sort.  Our zone did a funny one where we did a funny take on wh

Hermana Aguayo and I in the multizona

After the Christmas multizone conference we went to a restaurant down the street and had a buffet(!) and after that we got on some buses and went to La Parque de las Aguas, which is this huge park with pretty fountains.  It was actually really fun and we had a good time.  There was a cool water show at night that was like the World of Color at Disneyland. 
The mission logo that Hermana Thiel modified

At the Parque de las Aguas!

Feliz Navidad de Lima!

Hermana photo

Had to send a pic of Mariano solo... hes the best!

Bautismos de Piazzoli, Eduardo, y Mariano!!!

 All of us... the Roman family (member missionaries) are on the far right, Hermana Edith and Hermano Alejandro (they call him Chi Chi) and their daughter Tracy.  Their son is serving in Chile right now

The Elders with the recent converts

The trio reunited at the choir concert! Hermana Killian, me, and Hermana Aguayo

Me with the daughters Ardila... second generation! 

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