Friday, December 20, 2013

Venid, y adoremos

I hope youre all having a great holiday season in the States!  Here its starting to get wicked hot and all but its awesome! Its cool to experience a Christmas thats almost completely different than back home.  For example, here they celebrate Chrsitmas Eve more than Christmas.  Its called Noche Buena and what they do here is stay up all night and party basically... at 12 midnight they eat a whole turkey dinner... I know some of you are cringing at the thought...
Everyone asks us what we're going to do and we just say we're going to sleep at ten thirty like every night and they are so shocked but for us Americans its normal!  Haha.  They also LOVE to eat something called paneton at Christmastime... its like fruitcake.  We get offered that a LOT when we visit!  But people are so nice and welcoming and want to make sure we have a good Christmas away from home.  Its already starting to be a really great one!

We have this family in our ward that is just on fire with missionary work. We are teaching like 4 or 5 of their nephews and neices and 2 of them will be baptized this Saturday!  Families like them are SUCH a blessing... yesterday we spent the whole afternoon at their house teaching various family members and they were just awesome with their comments and we know that these investigators will always have this great support system as members of the church.  We are so stoked and grateful for them and we know that they will receive lots of blessings for sharing what they know is true.  What a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

This week we have a multizone conference with President and Hermana Ardila for Christmas, so thatll be really cool.  We are very well taken care of here in the mission!

Other than getting a bunch of people with baptismal dates I cant think of much else exciting going on here... the work is moving forward and Im just grateful to be a part of it!  Thanks for all your support and love and just know that I miss and love yall!  This work is the best and if you're not participating you're missing out!!

Hermana Bledsoe
I got the package!!

We had just come back from our district meeting in crazy humidity so I know I look like a mess but just know I was really excited!!

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