Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 meses! :0

I apologize that last week I didnt write but I hope the many pictures I sent from our last p-day of the transfer make up for it :)  But I have some updates this week:

First of all, Hermana Thiel did end up leaving-- she went to Surco, a really wealthy part of Lima.  I am still here in Chaclacayo and am training again.  At first I wasnt too excited about it, but these last two weeks have been pretty great!  My new companion is Hermana Avendaño from La Paz, Bolivia. She is pretty quiet but is a super good missionary.  She is very patient with me because I talk a lot when were contacting or in lessons and when she talks she always says or shares just what the investigators need to hear... so I am learning to shut myself up a bit and listen to her :)  But overall we have good unity in teaching and everything so things are going smoothly.  Its funny, she is always giggling at things I say or do and a lot of times I dont understand what is so funny... But I am pretty weird haha so its all good!

These past few weeks weve been trying hard to look for new investigators, contacting like crazy and working really hard for member references.  We have had some successes in that area so we are just pressing forward.  Every Tuesday night we and the Elders teach a Preach My Gospel class and I also teach English classes every Thursday night.  We are trying to get everyone excited about the work and little by little its paying off.  Last week in Relief Society the discussion became one about sharing the gospel and one sister said that she had met a woman in the street that wanted to know about the church and afterwards, she gave us her number.  We contacted her and she is amazing! This investigator lives in the US for part of the year and returns here every once in a while.  She went to church there a few times there and the missionaries visited her but she didnt want to get baptized there.  She told us basically that she is ready to be baptized and was just looking for the church here.  I am so grateful that the sister from RS found this woman and that she offered her help and her friendship to her. This inv. has a baptism date now and were just way excited about her!  We had several other cases like this this week and its literally AMAZING how different it is when the members get involved.  The work goes so much quicker and we see so many more results!  I was reminded this week as I went back and read my call letter the part that says something like, "If you work with all your heart might, mind, and strength, the Lord will lead you to those who are prepared to be baptized."  I am a witness that this is true.  I am so not a perfect missionary, but I know that the Lord sees our efforts in this area and blesses us.

We also had interviews with President Ardila this week and mine went really well.  I am so grateful to have an awesome mission president that cares about each one of us so much and helps each one of us to spiritually grow and be happy in our missions.  He is the best!

I wish I had more exciting things to write, but I just know that this is the Lords work and it will go forward. I'm so happy to be here and to be a part of it.  I know that this Gospel is true and Im so happy to get to share it with my Peruvians :)  I love these people so much!  I love you guys too (obvi :)) and Im so happy to hear that the missionary spirit is strong at home too. 

Keep fighting the good fight y sigan adelante!

Hermana Bledsoe
The streets of Chacla look just like California to me :)

More Matucana :)


In Matucana!! Emperors New Groove status :)

With our future missionary (ward missionary) Patty before a FHE (NDH)

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