Monday, January 13, 2014

“La Fe es el poder, la Obediencia el precio, el Amor es el motivo, el Espíritu es la clave, y Cristo es la razón.”

Well well wellllll!

(This keyboard Im using isnt the greatest so I apologize for the lack of punctuation in this letter)

Another week has come and gone so quickly in such a blur so I hope I can remember everything thats important.   Well for starters, we have been super happy with how lately weve been able to work with a lot of members. We went on divisions a few times with our Relief Society President and have had a sister from JAS in our ward-- which is YSA here, its a group within the ward because they don't have singles wards-- come with us every day on our visits.  Its been way cool to see people getting involved in the work and we hope the enthusiasm will become contagious! 

With it being the last week of the transfer its been a bit sad to think that Hermana Thiel could be going.  We don't normally stay in one area more than three transfers, which she has, so it's pretty likely.  We have had such a cool transfer and it's been awesome.  I will for sure miss her!  She is an amazing missionary and I've learned a lot from her determination and love for the people.  She is always doing little acts of service and I know she will continue being great in whatever area the Lord needs her in!  It would be funny after I wrote all this if she didnt get changed! Haha.

The quote I put as the subject of my email is something that our Presidents wife shared a while back and as cheesy as it is, its so good.  In English it reads, “Faith is the power, Obedience is the price, Love is the motive, the Spirit is the key, and Christ is the reason.”
I really hope to be applying each of these things in the way that I work and I do it because of the Savior.  This is what He asks of me and all missionaries at this time and it is the very least we can do to serve Him for what He has done for us.  We have this kinda crazy gospel principles teacher in our ward and because we have less actives, recent converts, and investigators in the class, he makes a lot of comments about how this church is true and how they should ask God to know for themselves or receive a confirmation.  Yesterday during the class he asked me randomly how tall I am and I said something like 1.80 meters and he went on to ask the class why a tall gringa that has to crouch over on the little buses here or why strangers from another country would come to Peru to knock on their door and teach them something that wasnt the truth.  And as funny as that was, it made me think of everything that missionaries sacrifice to come.  I dont feel like I have given up as much as some others that I know that have left family who were very against them leaving, people with very few material posessions, and all sorts of trials that could have made it difficult or almost impossible to come.  I have so much respect for these people and I know the Lord has some amazing blessings in store for them.  It takes a lot of faith a lot of times to do what we do as missionaries, but I have learned that the Lord really does always have a plan and that He will support us in everything if we just take that first step.  I know that this is the truth.  A lot of people think we have a lot of nerve when we say that because they think that all roads lead to God. We can love God a lot but if we arent showing our faith by obedience to His commandments, its not real love, just words.  We need to be doing what He has asked in His way, and in these last days that is through His restored church.  I am so grateful to be His representative in this period of time and I hope I can be "an example of the believers" to those around me here in Chaclacayo, with my companion, and wherever I am.  I am so far from perfect, but I can be an instrument in His hands to save some soul.

It was bittersweet to hear about the new mission president thats been called.  President Ardila is one of the most amazing people I have had the privelage to know well and Im not particularly looking forward to him leaving in July, but I know that the new President Boswell is called of God to fulfill this calling.  This is the Lords Work and every transfer or change is directed by Him!

Thanks for all your love and support! I love you guys and widh you a great week!
Hermana Bledsoe
Our last zone meeting this transfer...gotta love the self timer setting!

This is Princessa, one of my pensionistas dogs... perros Peruanos!  They are ugly dogs but theyre starting to grow on me haha

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