Monday, February 10, 2014

Muchos son llamados, pocos son escogidos!

Hello hello!

First of all I have to make a huge birthday shoutout to my mother Marja Bledsoe who TODAY year older :)  I hope you have an amazing birthday and I wish I could be there but its all good!  I know the fam will be doing something awesome and I will hear about it next week!  Mom, you are the best... for right now I have a few adopted Peruvian moms here in the mission haha but I owe everything I am to you.  I love you and miss you a TON.  

Well this week was cool... among things that we did yesterday I taught a whole lesson to a contact in ENGLISH! It was surprisingly really hard because I had kinda forgotten a lot of gospel terminology in English...oops.  I felt bad because Hermana Avendaño understood but didnt know what to say to him so I just did all the talking.  The guy we met was from Kentucky but his wife is from here and he lives here when its wintertime in the US-- he is really cool but didnt really take to much that I taught because he doesnt believe in organized religion.  I remembered then how lucky I am to be here in Peru where almost everyone believes in God and you can basically strike up a converstation with anyone about God and Jesus Christ.  Americans, europeans, etc. are a bit more "duro de corazón."  So I defintely have a lot of respect for people serving in the states!

We finally also have an investigator that "si o si" (yes or yes haha) will be baptized this month!  He is super excited and already has plans to serve a mission.  He is an amazing person and we really enjoy teaching him.  He is from the same family (Roman) that we baptized from in December and they as always, have been amazing member missionaries.  The Roman family has two kids, one serving a mission and the other is 8.  They wanted to wait to baptize the daughter when their son gets home this August but ended up baptizing her the day before her ninth birthday this week and confirmed yesterday... so long story short, and although it wasnt at all our intention, her baptism counted for the mission and for our area!  Crazy...

Last p-day we went and had a bbq or "parrilla" at a members house and later we met up with the zone Santa Anita and played volleyball and futbol.  It was awesome because I got to hang out a bit with Hermana Aguayo who will be finishing her mission this transfer.  I loved playing volleyball too and I was actually serving really well that day and no one could return my serves! ...I can testify that God can make our weaknesses our strengths! Haha.

I love hearing from you all and all your missionary experiences, they really build my testimony and I am just so happy,  Please just have patience with me responding because our time in internet every week FLIES! Seriously its ridiculous! But know I that I read everything and I love you guys!

Hasta luego!
Hermana Bledsoe

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