Monday, February 24, 2014

A la casa del Señor

I dont have a lot of time to write this week but some highlights since I wrote last Wednesday:

-The temple was AMAZING.  Loved it so much and going there was just what I needed.
- We SHOULD be having a baptism this week! :D
-  Hermana Patrocinia made Pachamanca last Saturday ¨de la tierra¨ she literally dug a hole in her backyard, lit a fire in it, and cooked us a bunch of amazing food.  I´ve seen a lot of things in my life but that was AWESOME.  (kinda like a luau)
- We have transfers tomorrow but I dont think Im leaving (I HOPE)

Love yall! Take care!

Hermana Bledsoe

Finished off that day with a hardcore weight lifting workout :)

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