Sunday, August 31, 2014

"You should feel HAPPY!"

So this week was also a busy one too.  Monday for p-day we got permission to go to La Molina because Hna Villarini had to buy new shoes and it was a really fun shopping day with my American companion.  We even ate lunch at Subway and had REAL chocolate chip cookies for the first time in a long, long time. It was so fun.  
Tuesday morning we had interviews with President Boswell and while there I got the b-day cards Nathan and Haley had sent me that I loved a lot! Thanks! (Hopefully Sadie´s letter comes soon too.)  Before interviews I was pretty nervous just because I´m getting to know the new president but mine was amazing. First of all, it was all in English. So I walk in and he says to me, "Hermana Bledsoe, what´s new?!" and I was like, "Well, I got transferred!" and he asked me about that and how I felt and I told him how amazing the transfer had already been and about Hna Villarini and I being "family" and he was very happy to hear about that.  We talked about a lot of things and we eventually came to the subject of me finishing my mission.  He asked how I was feeling and I said I didn´t really know how to feel.  He said, "You should feel HAPPY!" because I´ve worked hard and am finishing my mission with honor.  So yeah, that is my attitude about it now.  I´m happy I´m finishing, not because I won´t miss being a missionary or all the amazing people here, but because I´ve done my best.  And I feel good about that.  I have been soooo blessed to have a great mission and the coolest mission presidents. I LOVE President Boswell!  

So this week we´ve had some fun missionary activities in our ward: one night we did a big Family Home Evening at the ceviche restaurant with a great turnout and Friday night we did a Noche de Juegos and like 50 people showed up and it was a blast.  We are trying to get things like this going so that the next time more members bring their nonmember friends.  Activities are such a great way to introduce others to the church and church members. And they can be really FUN.

This week we had a zone meeting and our zone leaders told us that the focus now in the mission and for the area will be much more reactivation.  A reactivation is equal to a baptism.  I remember Elder Cook told us that last year too.  So we are going forward with a big emphasis on that and it´s really true that by doing that we can also continue to baptize a lot because a lot of less active families have members who aren´t members of the church.  This week we havent been able to track down many of our less active/inactive familes, but we are continuing to search for and work with them! They are just as important to the Lord.

We also had Stake Conference this weekend, my last one in Peru.  This stake (La Molina) has all the people who are here working and serving for the church so there were a LOT of gringos. That was pretty cool.  We met the senior missionary couples who work in the area offices and it was a great meeting. It´s just too bad the stake center is "too far" for our investigators to go...

So just know I´m super happy and really enjoying my time. My companion is awesome and we just are loving the work and our area.  The gospel and the Book of Mormon are true! We taught a new couple this week and are helping them to understand what the book of mormon is and the husband said, "I never imagined there were prophets in the Americas."  We were there to testify to them that God really CAN do that!  It IS possible and it IS true!!

Tengan una semana excelente! Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Bledsoe
hna villarini and I after a long day...crazies

hna villarini, hna hazelton and I at the activity

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