Monday, June 24, 2013

Ellos me llaman "Barbie"...

Yeah, it´s true...  the kids here call me that, hahaha. (I just found out that I´m known in the mission as Barbie also!)

It´s probably no surprise that I stand out here!  At first it was weird, but now I´m used to everyone pointing, staring, honking, whistling, etc.  It´s actually pretty funny!  The other day there were about 200 kids leaving school and they all passed me on the street and all were just staring at me like I´m a dinosaur... it was a very interesting experience and one that I won´t soon forget!  

Another time, Hermana Killian and I were on splits and were talking to some kids and they asked if our hair and eye color was real.  One of them said, "Sus dientes son como leche!" (Your teeth are like milk!)  Ohhh we got a great laugh out of that one.

People always ask to see pictures of my family and they always say something about how tall Nathan is, hahaha.  And actually a few of the young women in my ward were asking about him and if he has Facebook! So funny.

Oh and I want to let you all know that I just this week got the letters and Dear Elders that were sent to the Peru MTC... THANK YOU!! Real mail is really fun to get :)

Besides transfers this week (Hermana Killian left us), not much else is new here.  I´m getting more and more confident with Spanish and this week I´ve received some really great compliments from President Ardila and others in the mission.  Hermana Aguayo says I sound latina!  At the same time, my English is starting to  become robotic so I apologize for that!

Hermana Aguayo is awesome.  I am learning a lot from her and we are always laughing.  She is a companion that I genuinely like to be around. She is scared of the dogs on the street and when we walk by them she always hides behind me, haha. She is so encouraging with my Spanish and at the same time, I´m teaching her some English, like slang and stuff.  I taught her "it´s all good in the hood," and a couple of other funny things like swag and YOLO and stuff.

In fact, I teach a free English class at the capilla (church) every week for anyone who wants to come (it´s great for contacting because everyone and their mom wants to learn English) and it´s getting weirder and weirder for me to speak English, which I guess is a good thing!  Writing this is weird too!

This week was the first week in a while we haven´t had a baptism, but we have some people set for next week.  The important thing is helping people come unto Christ and we´ve truly had some awesome stuff happen.  The training this weekend was awesome and it´s true that we NEED help from members! References are the best!

Take care!

Hermana Bledsoe
Me walking on Hna Killian´s back! haha

"Missionary Barbie" at the temple :)

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