Monday, June 17, 2013

La Vida Peruana

Well how do I begin? I think I´m just gonna use bullet points to describe a little of what life is like here:

-Día de Padre (and Día de Madre) is HUGE here.  Yesterday there were fiestas everywhere!
- Almuerzo (lunch) is the biggest meal here. It´s interesting but I kinda like it! Cena (dinner) is more like a bedtime snack.  
- We eat mostly papas (potatoes), arroz (rice), and pollo (chicken).  And also pan (bread), like little rolls.  The food has a lot of different flavors, but it´s pretty good.  Our pención makes the best food!
- There are perros (dogs) EVERYWHERE in the streets here!  It´s seriously a miracle that I haven´t stepped in any dog poo yet hahaha.
- A lot of times we ride in motos to get around.  They´re like if a motorcycle and a tricycle had a baby. I´ll send pics!
- Our shower water is pretty cold... at the warmest, it´s like pool water temperature! 

This week we had another baptism, a jovencito named Ramiro.  He is an awesome kid and I really admire his faith and testimony.  He was confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting and it was awesome. Another investigator we have who´s his age came to church by himself (and early) and I sat there amazed at the faith of these kids! I started crying (which is pretty unusual for me) because I totally felt the Spirit and am so happy to be, in some part, helping them and our other investigators come unto Christ.  It´s the best feeling!

We also went to Immigrations this week and all the Norte Americanos were there.  I´ve been stressing about my Spanish lately, but my comps said I can talk much better than some gringos we saw there who have been here like 6 months! So that was definitely a confidence booster!

So all is well! I´m gonna attach some pics :)

Love yáll :)

Hermana Bledsoe

 we live by Gordo's Chicken hahah
 ramiro bautismo y parade of motos!
 pics from last week's baptism
 Oh and last pday we went to the temple in Lima! It´s awesome :)
 ^nuestro calle

 President Ardila and his wife

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  1. Hi from Sis. Fox. :) Fun to see the pics -- so different from around here. I'm glad you're doing well and having a great experience.