Tuesday, October 22, 2013

La Prueba de la Fe (Eter 12:6)


Saludos a todos que lean mis cartas/blog! Espero que se encuentran bien y que se sienten el cariño que tengo por cada uno de Ustedes y especialmente el amor que tiene Nuestro Padre Celestial por nosotros como Sus hijos. Les quiero mucho!!

This week has been pretty good.  As a mission we have all started to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days and I´m super excited about it because I´ve done the 100 day challenge twice in English before the mish and now I have the opportunity to read the whole Book of Mormon en Castellano (Spanish)!  So far it´s going really well and I´m learning new things still as I start from 1 Nephi again. I´ve been able to find a lot more meaning in the scriptures as I read them in another language-- in fact, right now I prefer reading in Spanish! 

Something cool I came upon yesterday in my studies is in 1 Nephi 13 when Nephi sees a vision of the things that will come to pass in our day and talks about how plain and precious things in the Bible have been taken out and in verse 39 he says that another book will come to be by the power of God (The Book of Mormon) and that the gentiles will bring it to the posterity of Laman (Lamanites). In 40 it talks about how this book has the fulness of the gospel and restores the plain and precious things that were lost, and that it causes this people to believe in Christ.  I feel so humbled to have the opportunity to be sharing this message and this book with the Lamanite people here in Perú, fulfilling the prophesy of a Book of Mormon prophet. (Also when I was in California I was able to do this too)  It was a really cool moment when I read that and realized the great importance of the Book of Mormon and of missionary work in these last days.

Well, we are working way hard here in Salamanca and now we have a handful of people who are attending church and keeping their commitments, but for various reasons can´t commit to a specific date to be baptized.  For a while it was pretty discouraging and I felt bad because my poor companion, who has yet to have a baptism in her mission in a country like Perú-- which isn´t one of the most hard-hearted groups of people to be teaching--  but we are surely learning patience and that things happen in the Lord´s time and not in ours.  We received blessings of comfort from the Elders in our district and right now we are feeling very hopeful for this next transfer that starts tomorrow.

Dad, I forgot to answer you back the other week: in our mission we go to the temple every 2 months, and it is conveniently located within the boudaries of our mission so we also frequently get permission to visit there with investigators or we also tend to pass by it on the way to the mission office.  Such a blessing!  The Lima Temple is kinda small but SO gorgeous.

I love hearing from you guys and as Sadie said, I also pray for you all every day!

Les quiero!
Hermana Bledsoe

Photos: Last p-day we went as a district to the center of Lima (Plaza de Armas) and had a great time there.  We ate McDonalds there and saw a famosa (celebrity) and a bunch of paparazzi following her haha.  It was the last p-day for Elder Piñon (de México) in our district which was kinda sad but overall it was a great day!

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