Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Otro Testamento de Jesucristo


Good to hear from you all!  Life in Lima is pretty good, Spring is FINALLY here and it´s starting to get a little warmer.  Crazy, right? ...Spring in October?  I know.  The sun here is really strong so I´m bracing myself for that.

I wish I had a ton of cool things to share, but we had a week that wasn´t too noteworthy. Last P-day was pretty chill and we found this really cool park, Parque de los Anillos (literally translates to Park of the Rings) right next to our house that is beautiful, well-kept, and FREE to enter.  They have alpacas there and a pond and it´s super pretty.  Hermana Sassetti and I run every morning and we´ve started to go running there.  Other than that, we´re still not seeing a ton of the fruits of our labors, but we´re just pressing forward and trying to stay positive.

Something that I realized this week is the real converting power of the Book of Mormon.  I always knew, but my testimony of it is growing stronger and stronger.  Especially here in South America we have the opportunity to show people that God loves all of HIs children in all parts of the world is really cool.  When we contact and mention this, we get a lot more of their attention.  It´s the best when we leave commitments with people and they say that they HAVE read from the Book of Mormon and even better when they say they have a testimony of it!! I love this book and this gospel!

I´d be lying if I said I didn´t miss you guys a TON but I love hearing from you and knowing you´re doing well.  Don´t worry, I´m not getting trunky haha.  I still have less than a year left and I´m enjoying the experience.  

Les quiero bastante! Cuidense muuucho!

Hermana Bledsoe

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