Monday, November 18, 2013

"Tal como un fuego..."


...As everyone here says to me because they assume I don´t speak Espaneesh :)

Well it´s real great to hear from you all and know you´re doing well at home.  I love getting your letters and pictures and remembering a little bit of American life. Haha.

Well, what´s new in Perú?!

First of all, our ward has had huge changes: a new bishop and bishopric, and just about every organization had changes in leadership. Our awesome ward mission leader, Emil, moved to another part of Lima and also one of our ward missionaries, José left for his mission to Piura (northern Perú) so we are still mourning their absence :(

Yesterday was the primary program and it was SO precious.  There aren´t quite as many kids in the ward (because there aren´t a ton of young families) so it was kinda hard to hear when they sang, but everyone really enjoyed it.

And also yesterday 4 of our 5 less active families assigned to us by our bishop attended church!  That was really cool to see them all there.  I know they came for thir kids in the primary program and not really because of what we´ve done, but it is awesome to see people return after a long time away from the church.

What else...?

Recently, after 6 months living in a country that eats insane amounts of rice, I have realized that rice does not agree with me very well and have almost completely stopped eating it and as a result I lost like 4 pounds... yay me! hahaha.  I just hope my future pensionistas let me not eat it!

We are learning a lot lately about setting and reaching goals and I hope to be able to use that to improve personally, as a companionship, and in our area.  But things are going well overall.

This week we had a funny visit with a really Catholic family... the mom, Lucy, is the most religious of them all but she found us in the street one day and asked us to come visit.  She always tries to test our knowledge of the Bible and things (but not really in a contentious way) and it´s a humbling experience at times, but we always explain that we don´t have a perfect knowledge of everything.  We taught them the Restoration last Saturday and they had never heard of or understood the Apostasy and so it ended up being a great lesson.  Lucy asked us if we sing in our church and we said of course!  I showed her my himnario and she asked us to sing something right there on the spot. My bookmark was on "El Espíritu de Dios" ("The Spirit of God") and she wanted to hear that one. We sang all four verses and the Spirit was really strong there.  Lucy said that she could feel that "God is with us here in this room" and she invited us to come to a fiesta next week that she will be hosting that will be honoring one of the catholic virgins or something... we were hesitant to make any plans, but she insisted that we, as Mormon missionaries, come and sing that hymn for all of her Catholic friends.  SO, we will see how that goes!

Les quiero muchismo!

Hermana Bledsoe
Despedida de José!

Visiting one of the young women in our ward, Gianella :)

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