Monday, November 11, 2013

Un Bautismo!! :)

Hey everybody!

So this week ended up real great because we finally had a baptism yesterday!  We are just ecstatic because we have waited a LONG time, but finally our prayers have been answered. 

Our convert is Mirella, who is 14 years old and we found her one day contacting in a park (seriously, the success rate of contacting is like 1/100, we found the 1!).  She was talking with a friend and we just struck up a conversation with them and we took down her address and made an appointment but not really thinking too much into it.  When we came to her house later that week, her grandmother told us that Mirella had been pretty rebellious and that she basically needed God.  We were surprised to hear that because she seemed really sweet.  (Over the course of the time we taught Mirella we gained the confidence of her mom and grandparents and that helped a LOT because they have been really supportive of her decision).  But as we got to know her better, we realized that Mirella in reality is really sweet and a great girl.  She really has a desire to follow Christ and choose the right!  In our mission we have a rule that a person can´t be baptized unless they attend church twice beforehand and last Sunday we were hoping she would come, but couldn´t make it.  We kept on preparing Mirella for baptism and one day this last week in the middle of a lesson she interrupted us and told us how much she loves this church and learning these things and that she wanted to be baptized. We thought, sure, let´s make this happen ASAP! It was a Thursday, we got her a baptismal interview on Friday and after her second church attendance on Sunday she was baptized!  All of us,including her mom, are very happy. Mirella has been received very well in the ward and in Young Womens and she will be confirmed next week!

I am so very grateful for this experience.  After a lot of challenges, we have been able to see a huge blessing in our area and I hope it´s just the first of many this month!  We have waited about 3 months to baptize and although it´s been hard, it was very worth it :)

I love you all very much! Never lose hope in our Heavenly Father and His plan! :)

Hermana Bledsoe

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