Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pics from last week

...So my time has gone super fast but I'll do a quick update:

- This week we were finally able to get some "eternal" investigators with a baptismal date!  Were feeling pretty good about that but not too complacent just yet!
-  We had stake conference this weekend and it was awesome.  Presidente and Hermana Ardila spoke in the sessions and there was a lot of emphasis in the Work of Salvation.  The new temple President came yesterday and blew us away with his talk... AMAZING.
-  We keep finding, little by little, people who are seriously SO prepared.  My testimony that the Lord is hastening His work is so strong!  
-  The converts that we have in our area are all doing excellent :)

I dont have much time for more details and I cant think of much else to say right now, but I just feel very grateful for a lot of things and for each one of you reading this.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  I love you guys so much!!

Hermana Bledsoe
Some almuerzos from this week (always sopa y segundo) : la causa y la aji de gallina sin papa 
(aji de gallina is my favorite :))

Last weekend we did service helping an investigator from our zone build a little shack house on a hill... serious WORK.  But worth the stinging eyes and blistered hands from "picando piedras" :)

our little neighbor friends (they have recently started coming to church with Hermana Patrocinia :))

chillin en casa

We made "causa" this week with a little turtle friend on top.  We went to get our cameras and Hermana Patrocinia had already started cutting it... hahaha

...and Mota.  Would you look at that... would you just look at it?! haha
This dog always comes up while Im eating and puts her head on my lap... always wants some lovin

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