Tuesday, April 1, 2014

...Un año!

Well this week was crazyyyyy but it ended well! 

So this last Monday for P-day we went as a zone to a part of our zone called Pariachi and played sports (soccer and volleyball) with the zone Vitarte.  We first ate completos (again) and when we got down to the fields the Elders from Vitarte told us that the Sisters had been there but got tired of waiting for us to finish eating and left! So that was kind of a bummer because our plan was to play volleyball as Sisters while the Elders played soccer (we have a rule that Elders and Sisters cant play soccer together).  But it was still way fun to relax and play around a bit.  
Tuesday we had a district meeting in the morning and at noon the Hermanas Capacitadoras (Sister Training Leaders) came because we had to do exchanges until the next day.  It was way cool because I stayed in Chacla with Hermana Phillips and Hermana Avendaño went to Santa Anita with Hermana Rodriguez.  Hermana Phillips is super down to earth and we got along super well.  We had some great lessons that day, a member treated us to ice cream sundaes, and later that night we got to chat in English and it was fun, kinda felt like having a sleepover haha.  I learned a lot from her and overall the exchange went very well and helped our area a lot.  
The rest of the week we have been doing a lot of "cleaning" of our area book. We have been visiting some people that simply don't progress and carefully decided to put them as "antiguos" for now and spend time visiting other people and finding.  We have to explain to them how this works as well so that they know why we have stopped visiting them.  They will always be there for future missionaries, but right now just isnt their time.  So with all of that we have had to start from scratch visiting members and contacting.  Its been a bit difficult (because everyone is Catholic or basically too busy for God) but not impossible to find the prepared ones.  We have been having some successes in that and in working with members so were just pressing forward with that.
Friday night we had a lesson with an investigator named David that had a date for this weekend of General Conference. We told him that he'd have to be confirmed the next Sunday after conference and he didn't want to wait that long so long story short, by the end of the lesson he had decided to be baptized this Sunday! He still needed his interview but wouldn't be in Chaclacayo until Sunday morning. We had a crazy morning yesterday waiting for him to arrive from Lima, have his interview, and be baptized with the other two people that the Elders baptized that same morning... I was praying so hard that he would show up and on time. Sure enough, he came and was quickly interviewed, baptized, and confirmed! I know that this is the Lords work and he makes everything possible if we have faith in Him. That experience was such a testimony to me of that and that He answers the fervent prayers of His humble servants.  We are super happy to see David baptized and a member of the church. We met him in the street with his friend who is less active, but it wasnt until about a month later that he asked us to visit him that we started teaching him. He had never really been to a church before but took to reading the Book of Mormon like no other!  He is such a cool person and Im so grateful that I got to teach him.

So yeah all's well that ends well! I love being a part of this work! Love yall!

Hermana Bledsoe 

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