Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bienvenidos Familia Boswell!

Happy Monday!! 

This week was pretty crazy, but a good one.  We had district meeting on Tuesday morning and Wednesday we had a zone conference and finally got to meet President Boswell and his family.  They are excellent!  President Boswell is pretty different: he is a really tall man and is super energetic and all but you can feel when he talks that he really has taken on the mantle of our mission president and its awesome.  Change is good.  He speaks a lot of Spanglish, which is really good in my opinion so that the latinos can learn English.  He put a lot of emphasis on learning English because it is the language of the Restoration and really will open doors after the mission.  His wife and two daughters are really sweet and are learning Spanish and are doing well!  I feel like their example in making a real effort to learn the language is inspiring for those learning English.  But they really are loving and fun people, so I dont doubt that we are going to have a great time with them as our new family.  We had a conference with them and then ate lunch and later had companionship interviews with President and Sister Boswell so that they could get to know us better and vice-versa.  It was a great day!  

The rest of the week went well, on Thursday and Friday we had exchanges with the Hermana Leaders and I went to their area while Hermana Hernandez stayed in Villa Alegre.  I think we all learned a lot and had a good experience.  This week we have met a lot of people with interesting beliefs-- for Peru.  One guy was telling us we were all created by titans (because he read it on the internet) and one of our investigators told us she strongly believed in reincarnation.  This keeps things interesting because usually we only meet a lot of jehovahs witnesses, evangelical christians, traditional catholics, and my favorite: catholic "but in my way".  We listen to others and what they believe, but also let them know what we share and testify that its the truth.  The titans guy was going on and on and we had to go to another appointment, and my companion said we had to go, but very directly told him that what he was saying is false.  I couldnt believe that she would be so direct, but it is true.  It reminded me of the importance of the source of our beliefs: do we believe something because we were raised that way, or because someone convincing told us to, or maybe because we have found what we find a reliable source.  The only way to really truly know is to ask God as James directs.  If we do that, we will never be confused by the worlds beliefs.  

Sunday was a test of the faith of our ward because we have church at 2pm-- during the World Cup.  Thankfully a lot of people were still at church and made the right choice :)

Love you guys! Til next time!

Hermana Bledsoe

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