Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh esta todo bien

Feliz día Lunes!

This week was super crazy and a bit stressful but AWESOME.  After a twist of events this week, we ended not only with one baptism, but TWO!  They were both young women who have family members who are recent converts.  Originally only Angela (13), who I think I mentioned before, was going to be baptized this weekend but last Sunday we were in Gospel Principles class with Jhennifer (17) and the members were asking us what time Angela´s baptism would be and we ended up combining the two baptisms (Jhennifer was going to be baptized this Saturday, the 26th).  We later found out that the elders from another ward that shares our building were going to have a baptism Saturday afternoon as well, so it ended up being quite a day.  It was a struggle until the very end, including several trials, but incredibly satisfying to see both Jhennifer and Angela make it to this point and keep progressing.  

This week we got permission to take Jhennifer to the temple, which was a great experience, she loved it.  We taught her a little about baptisms for the dead and she is excited to be able to do family history work with her older brother Jhunior (who was baptized about a year ago) because her dad passed away when she was a baby.  She said she felt good there and wants to go back soon.  Our ward is planning a temple trip with all the new converts in August!  Coming back to Surco from La Molina, we went straight to the church and Jhennifer rocked her baptismal interview.  She really is a great girl.  I hope someday she goes on a mission, she would be so great!

With Angela it was a bit more difficult.  We didnt have the chance to teach her much this week in preparation for her interview because she and her mom, Felipa --a recent convert-- were constantly at the clinic.  And on top of that she was getting nervous and having doubts about her decision.  Friday morning we stopped by and  she told us how she was feeling.  We taught her about personal revelation and how the Spirit confirms our decisions.  We shared with her a few verses of Doctrine and Covenants 6, and explained what had been going on with Oliver Cowdery and his doubts and how the Lord told him that he had received his answer:

22 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things.

 23 Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?

We asked her how she felt when she decided to be baptized and testified that her answer was from the Lord through the Holy Ghost. It was a great lesson and we really felt the Spirit.  Shortly afterwards our District Leader came to interview her and Saturday she was baptized!  Haha even that was a struggle because the first time she was baptized she was not fully submerged and so the elder had to do it again.  The second time he did it with his left hand in the air (hahahaha) so Angela was well baptized three times, the last time correctly and completely.  A baptism in the proper form and by the proper authority is SO important!!  The next day we had the confirmation in church and Angela almost couldnt make it because her mom was feeling sick again.  Thankfully our RS President is a nurse and an angel and she went over to help them out Sunday morning and Angela, her mom Felipa, and her brother Juan made it to church early for Angela´s confirmation and later Juan was ordained a priest!  We have been working super hard with this family of recent converts and it was amazing this weekend to see them progress so much.

Things here in Villa Alegre are going great.  We keep working and finding prepared people, its amazing.  There are always trials, but lots of blessings too.  One of mine is my companion.  She is super crazy and I love her!!  We are like Tommy and Richard, at times I have to keep her in check, but we have some great moments together!  Loving the mission!

Hasta la proxima!
Hermana Bledsoe
Jhennifer is the one next to Hermana Hernandez and Angela is on the far left :)

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