Sunday, July 13, 2014

Para esta hora

Hey yall!

I am writing late today because for p-day today we went to Gamarra! This time I went for winter clothes and got some great and cute cute stuff for CHEAP! Gotta love Peru!  

So this week has been pretty good.  The 4th of July was a good one here-- I was able to celebrate a little with other Americans because that day I went to Migrations... woooo! Haha. I went with three other American sisters and several Elders and although we couldnt be eating barbeque and watching fireworks, it was cool to chat with and be with others from my COUNTRY!  

We also had a really good week in the work... I honestly dont know how, but we finished the week with FOUR people with baptismal dates!  I never thought that was possible in Surco, but Ive been reminded that with God, anything is possible. Wow.  One of them is a thirteen year old girl named Angela who always came to church with her mom who is a recent convert and has health problems-- so she always went to church with her to look after her and never wanted to go to YW.  Hermana Hernandez told me she was always really cold with the sisters and didnt want to listen to them at all.  When we taught her family I just noticed that she was always just really quiet.  I dont know what happened, but this week we showed up and she was smiling for the first time and told us she wanted to be baptized.  We thought it was a joke, but we kept visiting them during the week and really her whole countanance has changed.  She is always smiling and yesterday she went to Young Womens without us having to invite her!!  I think her time just came and her moms prayers have been answered.  Pretty cool.

This week Hermana Hernandez and I were watching the Old Testament videos about Esther and decided to study the book of Esther together.  It was really cool to read and I really love her story.  I thought a lot about how we as missionaries, especially those who left after the age change and Sister Missionaries, have been given such an extraordinary opportunity at an unexpected time.  Esther was put in her position as Queen not by chance, but because God knew that she would be able to save her people.  As Mordecai told her in chapter 4 verse 14, "...and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"  For such a time as this.  The Lord is hastening His work NOW.  He needs us NOW.  We truly have been predestined to be born at this time and have answered the call to serve at such a time as this... LOVE IT!

Funny moment... we were in a lesson the other day and the recent converts daughter left the house scantily dressed.  During the prayer, the convert says: "Lord, please forgive my daughter for leaving the house in such a wicked and provactive manner." HAHAHA.  I was trying SO hard not to laugh.  My companion could feel me shaking and she too was biting her finger so as not to laugh.  Funny mission moments...

Love yall! Til next week!

Hermana Bledsoe

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